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While wooden furniture are everyone’s desire and delight, when it comes to maintenance of those wooden treasures, many of them fail and let them fade away with time.The sparkling beauties at the time of purchase change to a piece of withered wood with no life, with lack of proper maintenance. Some might blame the time factor for not being to maintain wooden furniture while some shift the blame to the costs involved in maintaining them ever fresh. However the fact is that there are possible solutions to both the category of people. With constant effort and a little care, wooden furniture can be easily maintained and made to sparkle forever.


Here are some of the general tips to maintain your wooden furniture:


Dust as often as possible, this helps keep the shine of the furniture. For dusting always use a dry soft cloth.Avoid haste and do not place hot objects directly on the wooden table. Use tablemats or tripods to prevent damages caused by hot objects. Be prompt in cleaning if you spill something on the table and don’t let it sit till it becomes a hard to clean dirt.See to that your furniture doesn’t get exposed to sunlight for a long time, because sunlight will fade away the colour of the furniture and cause dryness. You might use window curtains to restrict direct sunlight on the living room furniture or a tablecloth can also do the job.


Wood has a property to natural age and change colour. This colour change will vary according to the wood types. Some might lighten while some may darken with time. Understand this and treat the furniture accordingly. Do not leave you candle stand or incense sticks unattended on the table. This might cause accumulation of wax on the wooden surface or burn marks on the surface, which will be mostly impossible to remove, and even if removed through excessive scrubbing, your table will definitely loose its original charm.


Wooden Furniture are best with their perfect finish and glossy look. It is important that we maintain the finish of the furniture through out its life. Here are some everyday tips, which could be effectively used to maintain the furniture with an evergreen and fresh look.Use only plain water or a mild liquid cleaner to clean the surface of the table.  Also remember not to soak the table in water for a long time.

After cleaning, a good quality soft paste wax can be applied as a thin coating on the furniture. Usually the directions for application would be given. Let it dry and brush it off first after 5 mins and then after 30 minutes to see a beautiful shiny glow. Just in case you are looking for a quick fix for any scratches, using an appropriate coloured shoe polish would do the trick.The small rings and dirt’s formed due to placing of hot objects like cups or vessels can be cleaned using homemade cleansing mixture made of baking soda and vinegar and this will not cause harm to the delicate finish of wood as well. 


Maintenance of Wooden furniture furnished with oil and wax:


The frequency of re-waxing depends upon the amount of usage of the furniture.Finish feeder can also be used as an option to add extra shine to your furniture by covering up the scratches and removing grease deposits. For excessively worn out furniture, re-oiling can be done. This includes removing the existing wax, applying a new layer of wax.


Maintenance of Wooden Furniture furnished with catalyzed lacquer:Along with frequent dusting, a furniture polish can be used to add beauty to the furniture and remember to wipe off excess polish to give the furniture a perfect look.Also finish feeders can be used to brighten up the furniture. And maintaining too is an easy task if we keep in mind all these maintenance tips.



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